Finding Food Restaurant In Madrid For India Tour

download-15One can travel all over the India simply by going for eating out in an Indian food restaurant in Madrid. India is a country of unity among diversity. Even diversity is reflected in the food habit of different Indian regions. Food habit reflects culture and geography to a great extent. For example, a place, suitable for rice cultivation, always will prefer rice over roti or chapatti. Indian is divided into four regions: north, north-east, south and west. All the four regions are different from each other in geography, climate, and culture. And as it has been mentioned above, the entire culture of a region can be reflected through the food habit of that particular region.

Indian cuisines have been impacted by geography, religion, weather, caste bar, and of course by colonialism.  In India, Brahmins have always been regarded as the highest class in the Indian caste system. They usually are vegetarian. But Brahmins, belonging to Indian states of West Bengal and Kerala eat fishes also as there are abundance of fishes in these states, nearer to sea. South Indians (except Kerala), on the other hand, like to maintain their tradition and avoid eating meat. Mughal reign in the northern India has popularized the dishes of meat and different kind of biriyani and other mughlai dishes. West Indian states such as Rajasthan and Gujarat are not suitable for vegetable and fruit cultivation. In these states, a wide range of various dal and preservers can be found as alternatives to vegetables and fruits. In Mumbai, potato is available, that is why there is dominance of potato based foods such as Bombay potato here. Vindaloo is also common in the food habit of Mumbai. The wide range of Indian foods includes samosa, aloo tikka, paneer tikka, mughlai dishes such as mushroom tandoori, murgh tanduri, kathi kebab etc, and different types of curry, Kashmiri polao, and lamb rogan josh so on.

Every cuisine has something special. Japanese sushi is made of fresh meats while Chinese food is made delicious by using different types of sauces. Similarly, the secret behind the taste of Indian food lies in its use of spices. It has been said that only Indian recipes can show a variety of combination of different spices. This wide range of spice combinations makes Indian food unique among all other cuisines. It is now possible to enjoy all of these delicious regional Indian foods in Madrid.